The complete Disc Golf course package

The goal of Disc Golf Solution is to provide the highest quality course equipment and services in collaboration with some of the best players in Europe. The Latitude 64° motto “When quality matters” runs through everything we do at Disc Golf Solution. Quality is important! Therefore, we do not offer cheap products or equipment produced from poor raw materials. We offer products that we believe in and feel good about recommending to our friends in the disc golf community.

The construction of a disc golf course is a step-by-step process of consistent and progressive work, which requires both the customer’s and the supplier’s involvement. To find the best solution based on your needs, we offer free consultation. We discuss your needs and opportunities and help you choose the most suitable package from our services. Our goal is to create a lasting value.


The work process consist of three steps:

CONSULTATION – Our certified course designers will examine the intended area and then offer the best solution and package for the disc golf course. Each disc golf course is different and largely depends on the characteristics of the land and how large an area there is to work with, if it is hilly or flat and so on. A good 9 hole Disc Golf Solution Start course requires 6-7 hectares, and approx. 12-13 hectares for an 18 hole Elite course. Pro and Gold courses presumably require at least 20 hectares of land. After our preparatory work, we will present a plan and make an estimate based on the information we collect.

DESIGN – Course design will be handled by experienced Disc Golfers. We will then order and ship Latitude 64° disc golf equipment to your location.

COURSE OPENING – We will assist you in the grand opening of the course, giving it the best chance of drawing lots of people from your area. We will work with you on setting up disc rental and sales locations on request. Setting up a disc golf course is not a one-time job, but requires consistent maintenance and development, and we can offer continued service and consulting depending on your future needs.