Why Choose Disc Golf Solution?

Way back in 1985 our main designer built his first Disc Golf course in the north of Sweden. Eventually those experiences and the love of the sport led to the creation of the  largest Disc Golf manufacturer in Europe. Basically everything you need to play disc golf is now designed and produced in Europe. Our success story and very long track record gives us the confidence to say that anyone looking to build a new course or update an existing one can come to us and we will deliver the best product possible, taking into account all the aspects of your location’s elevation, vegetation, water features etc.

5 Good Reasons:

  1. We offer free consultation via phone/email.
  2. DGS team members are certified officials by PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association).
  3. Our price to quality ratio is first-rate and we create long term value.
  4. We work together and deliver disc golf equipment from Europe’s leading disc golf manufacturer, Latitude 64°.
  5. We honor our agreements and deliver on schedule.