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Putting decades of Disc Golf experience to use, we will analyse the possibilities of your park. We will make sure we produce the best course possible using state of the art course equipment, designed by a PDGA Hall of Fame member. We also offer assistance in designing Tee Signs and Info Boards to make sure the course looks great in every aspect.

We can offer:

  • Disc golf course design
  • Graphical design for Info Boards and Tee Signs
  • Disc golf baskets and attachments
  • Tee Signs
  • Info Boards
  • Tee pad turf
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Latitude 64° ProBasket Elite

The ProBasket Elite is made of high quality material, which makes it durable and functional. Chains and tubes are made of metal and the tops and baskets are covered with powder coated paint to provide the best protection and durability. Double chains (14 internal and 14 outer) and a zig-zag pattern inside the basket reduce the likelyhood of a putt not sticking to the basket. The yellow color and wide top edge makes the basket easily visible even in low light and in bad weather conditions. The basket comes with extra pins to achieve even better stability.

The Latitude 64° ProBasket Elite is approved by PDGA and suitable for international high-level competitions. It can also be equipped with number plate or top flag at added cost. Learn more about Latitude 64° baskets here:

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Latitude 64° ProBasket Trainer

ProBasket Trainer is a solid quality basket for home use that is easily assembled. Unlike many low priced baskets this has the look and feel of a tournament basket making practice feel like the real deal. It can also be used for temporary courses, where the built in base wheel makes it easy to move. It is PDGA approved for events up to B-tiers. Learn more about Latitude 64° baskets here:


Latitude 64° ProBasket Skill

The ProBasket Skill is for players that wants to improve their putting skills. With its narrow profile it will make putting practice hard and fun, but competitions easy when transitioning from the ProBasket Skill to a tournament basket. The low weight, the smaller based mobile foot and divided pole makes this basket easy to move around. Learn more about Latitude 64° baskets here:


Ground Attachments

Mobile Foot Elite
For courses with varying green placements. A sturdy design with a built in wheel which makes it easy to move. Just as the baskets it has a zink foundation under a powder coated surface.

Earth Foot D60
This is the foot for the permanent course. You simply dig a hole deep enough and secure a concrete foundation. Then insert the basket and you are good to go. Can be used for baskets, info boards and tee signs.

Stone Mounting Foot
For stony landscapes where digging a hole is not an option. This foot allows you to drill and mount the basket onto the rock. Can be used for baskets, info Boards and tee signs.


Top Attachments

Top AttachmentsThe Top Adapter
An option that is mounted at the top of the basket tube, and is used for attaching accessories.

The Small Tube Attachment
This allows a flag to be placed on top, to make the basket placement more visible in hilly terrains.

The Number Plate
This is used for displaying hole numbers, in order to ease course navigation.

Made of carbon fiber and vinyl weave to withstand most weather conditions. This is placed in the small tube attachment for better target visibility in hilly terrains.


Tee sign

The Tee Sign and it’s sturdy design has been around for many years without any need of alteration. The actual sign is 28 x 40 cm and the total height, including the pole, is 124 cm. The metal is treated with a zink foundation before powder coating to protect it from corrosion. Graphics can be handled by our graphics department at added cost.

Disc Golf Solution Tee Sign


Info board

The info board is usually the first thing you will see when you come to the start of a Disc Golf course. It will give you a good overview of the course and it’s surroundings, as well as the basic rules of the game. Many courses bring in sponsors to help finance the course and will display the sponsor logos on this board for all to see.


  • E-zink galvanized with a powder coat finish.
  • Two sizes available; Standard and Large (see image below).
  • Standard: Width 117 cm, Height 220 cm. Sign 105 x 70 cm.
  • Large: Width 197 cm, Height 277 cm. Sign 186 x 115 cm.

Disc Golf Solution Info Boards

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